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The first thing that new online retailer and appointment-only boutique ODD will tell you is that they are not the norm. "We don't believe in men. We don't believe in women. We believe in individuality." This is their mantra. Setting up shop at 241 West 37th Street three months ago, ODD caters to androgynous fashion fiends that love Rick Owens, but love their wallets more. They service minimalist-wearing city dwellers that scour mid-priced boutiques and hole-in-the-wall stores for offbeat treasures. They're on a mission to bring fashion back to its roots via real people with extraordinary style. Intrigued? Us too. We caught up with founder Judson Harmon to hear more about this exciting concept.


When was ODD first born?

The concept began last year around August when me and my colleagues realized that we were seeing all of these fashion die-hards fawning over the big-shots like Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester. They were idolizing something that most people can't realistically afford when there are other underground and established designers that have a very similar aesthetic, but at a range of price points that are more attainable. People would always ask where I got what I was wearing, and I started to realize that you couldn't find much of it readily available to the public. So, I decided to put them all in one place for the world to see and attain.


And for that, we thank you. What is ODD's style aesthetic?

It's centered around alternative street style with nightlife influences and a gender neutral stance regardless of the garment. I myself wear dresses as tank tops half of the time because I'm so tall. The world is becoming more fluid with the interpretation of right and wrong and we're pushing the boundaries a bit further while still trying to appeal to a mass market. I suppose you could say we "have something for everyone," whether you're a drag queen or an edgy office employee trying to make your cubicle less boring.


What designers do you carry?

Ashton Michael, Black Cabinet, Bohemian Society, CHRISHABANA, Costume Dept., Darker, Heather Lawton, Jordan Klein, Kittinhawk, Michael Schmidt, MyEnemy by CHRISHABANA, Olima Atelier, Papusza Limbs, Rochambeau, Skingraft, SOSUME, Stella Zotis, Victor Osborne, VON, and YUASA. We are adding several more for fall, and are currently producing our in-house ODD. line. Examples of some designers we are adding for the FW12 season are Asher Levine, Geoffrey Mac, Iga, and Hip&Bone.


Is ODD more than just a retailer?

We're also a styling house with many upcoming collaborations that you will see very soon featuring both clothing from the store and from other eccentric designers that we may or may not be carrying in the future. Past collaborations include Rick Genest and Sophia Lamar shot by photographer Austin Young and styled by Bobby Webster and Judson Harmon (myself), Sharon Needles from Ru Paul's Drag Race season 4 and Ashley Rickards from MTV's Awkward photographed by David Phelps and styled by Judson Harmon (myself).  Art is a collaborative effort.


Any last words?

The world will not become more eccentric unless you manifest a driving force behind the movement. Individuality is our mission.


Photos courtesy of ODD.