We offer custom chroming services. This process differs from typical electro-chemical chroming in that it is flexible and can be applied to many surfaces that other processes cannot. Additionally, a virtually infinite array of vibrant colors can be achieved. Certain limitations apply. Stretch materials and porous fabrics may not be chromable.

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Here you see the moment when the primed substrate, in this case a rubber headform, becomes chromed~


Laying color over chrome~


An array of primed and chromed parts from our MAC Cosmetics Future campaign project~








Various color chromed examples. Substrates include rubber, plastic, and a potato chip bag!



Chromed, candy coated leather. Durable, flexible, beautiful~



Dripped hot glue, chromed in gold~



A nearly endless array of vibrant colors can be achieved~







Here, a pair of patent leather shoes are chromed in gold. Worn by Kim Kardashian in Fergie's 2016 M.I.L.F video, styling by B Akerlund